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Creating Value

Fueling the Future

We are a leading distributor of the fuel and crude oil, that enable communities from Southeast Asia to the South Pacific to thrive and grow.

From our proven downstream capabilities and our strategically integrated international network of partners and clients, to our unfailing transportation assets, we have created an unsurpassed value engine that places us in a category of our own within the industry.


Crimson Petroleum at a Glance

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A Legacy of Reliability

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A Global Footprint


An Unrivaled Reputation

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A Community Builder


Our Footprint

We are in the business of pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation to drive industries and enhance the progression and daily lives of communities in all of our operational markets. Our commitment to achieving exceptional results and unmatched service knows no limits. We believe in the power of our impact, and our numbers are testament to the progress that we see everywhere we go.


kilometers of business spread from the Middle East to the South Pacific


tonnes of fuel and crude oil products sold and delivered internationally


Learn more from our FAQ

How much is the minimum quantity to purchase petroleum products?

That depends on the product specification that you require and country you need it to be sent to. Usually for bitumen is 30MT per order and diesel can vary depending on the port of call. Best to contact our Sales and Marketing team through email or a call to get more info

What type of petroleum products can you supply?

We are able to supply most if not all petroleum products. However, as of now we have bitumen ready in stock and a logistical supply chain that allows us to deliver wherever and whenever need be.

Can it be delivered?

Yes, all products can be delivered and stored anywhere in the world.

Type of deliveries.

The most common form of delivery that we use is shipping and trucking. The shipping terms vary depending on your specified terms if required.

Can we provide storage?

Yes, we are able to provide storage in forms of warehouse and a bunker barge when necessary in assisting you procuring and utilising the required product.

What are our prices?

Our price ranges depending on the quantity and the point of delivery but we use MOPP as a basis on setting the price. The price will include logistics and storage of the products to be delivered to you.

Do we have our own storage?

Yes, indeed we do. We have warehouses in central Java, Dubai and a floating bunker barge at our disposal.

What documents are required to make a purchase?

First, we would need a Letter of Intent (LOI) followed by a proof of fund. From there we can start with discussing the terms of delivering and storing the products. However, prior to delivery there are other documents required such as Purchase order (P/O) for us to make a Delivery order (D/O) to proceed with the delivery

Where do we operate?

Our HQ is based in Kuala Lumpur. We have offices in Jakarta, Australia, Dubai. However, we are expanding our reach and offices to more countries in the near future.

Are deliveries on time?

Short answer, yes. Our track record to date, all our shipment has arrived and been delivered according to schedule. We make it a point to do so as we strive for excellence in our services provided.

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