Our Bitumen business unit which focuses on the wholesale distribution of bitumen and logistical management; is able to provide extensive support to various infrastructure corporations for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to, the construction of highways, motorways and rail networks.

Being present in emerging markets and playing a role in enabling the development of the growing infrastructure in which directly impact and empower communities to flourish, are one of Crimson Petroleum’s core values. Our commitment to the communities within our operating markets and beyond are a key driver and incentive for us to ensure that products of the highest quality are sourced for our clients. Our team of specialists are always on standby and ready to assist with the most effective and cost-efficient solution that fits your core requirements as a customer andenhances the productivity of the end-consumer.

Property PEN 60/70 PEN 60/80 PEN 80/100
Density @ 15°C 1.00Min 1.00Min 1.00Min
Softening Point R & B Deg °C 48Min 44Min 44Min
Penetration @25°C 60/70 60/80 80/100
Ducility @25°C (CM) 140Min 140Min 140Min
Ducility @15°C (CM) 140Min 140Min 140Min
Flash Point Cleveland O.C. (°C) 275Min 275Min 275Min
Solubility In Trichloroethane (Mass %) 99Min 99Min 99Min
Ducility In Residue @15°C (TFOT) (CM) Report Min 50 Min50
Loss Of Heating (TFOT) (Mass %) 0.6Max 0.6Max 0.6Max
Penetration Of Residue (TFOT) 55Min 55Min 55Min
Wax Content (WT %) 2Max 2Max 2Max
Viscosity @120°C (CST) Report Report Report