Crimson Petroleum has extensive competency in supplying high-quality fuel such including Marine Fuel Oil, and the technical expertise required to support regular compliance both within the industry and its operating markets, all at a competitive price.  

Our portfolio of marine fuels encompasses a list of fuels which include High and Low Sulphur Fuel Oil, Gas Oil and LNG. As one of the leading affordable suppliers in the industry, Crimson Petroleum works to apply the highest standards of product quality, safety and operational integrity across the full range of its product supply and operations. 

Property Standard
Sulfur Max 3.50%
Kinematic viscosity max 380 CST
Specific gravity at 15 C kg/I Max 0.991
Flash point Min 66 deg C
Pour point Max 24 deg C
Ash ona weight basis Max 0.10%
Conradson carbon residue (CCR) Max 18%
Vanadium Max 300 parts per million (ppm)
Sodium Max 100 ppm
Aluminium + Silicone Max 80 ppm
Water by distillation volume Max 0.50%
Sediment by extraction Max 0.10%
Total existent sediment 0.10%