We are a leading fully-integrated distributor of fuel and crude oil, that enable communities around the world to thrive and grow

From our proven downstream capabilities and our strategically integrated international network of partners and clients, to our unfailing transportation assets, we have created an unsurpassed value engine that places us in a category of our own within the industry.

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Crimson Petroleum has offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.

Crimson Petroleum provides an integrated supply solution system that not only exceeds the quality standards of its customers, but also resolves common obstacles involving delivery and storage.

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Our Unmatched Experience
In the Industry

Besides its core line of petroleum products and services, Crimson Petroleum’s true value derives from its ability to serve its sales networks that are often located in remote areas of established regions. In such areas, a combination of obstacles such as infrastructure constraints and challenging operational circumstances, often restricts a sustainable supply of fuel that is in high demand. Furthermore, a habitual issue that most customers in remote regions is the inconsistency in the quality of their source for fuel, which is vital to ensuring excellence with client on-site operations.

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